Professional Achievement Award

Each year, SPRF member organizations (ECPRO, PRAL, PRAM, and PRCA) are invited to nominate one outstanding public relations professional for the SPRF Professional Achievement Award, formerly known as the Practitioner of the Year. The recipient of this award is announced at the SPRF annual conference. SPRF established this award to recognize an individual that has continually demonstrated the highest ideals of the profession as well as a commitment to advance the profession of public relations.

For guidelines for the Professional Achievement Award, open and download this document.

2018 Recipient

Lt. Col. Christian Patterson, APR+M, PRAM Central

Past Professional Achievement Award Recipients:

  • 2017: Tracie Bertaut, PRAL New Orleans
  • 2016: Kristina L. Hendrix, APR, PRCA
  • 2015: Holly Houk Cullen, APR, PRAL
  • 2014: Robin Street, APR, PRAM
  • 2013: Mary Cracchiolo Spain, APR, PRAM
  • 2012: Lea Ivey Stone, APR, PRAM
  • 2011: Jennifer Jenkins, APR, PRCA
  • 2010: Susan Broussard, APR, PRAL
  • 2009: Kristie Aylett, APR, Fellow PRSA, PRAM
  • 2008: Glen Duncan, APR, PRAL
  • 2007: Denise D’Oliveira, APR, PRCA
  • 2006: Suzanne Fornaro, APR, PRCA
  • 2005: Michael Tullier, APR, PRCA
  • 2004: Carol Mann, APR, PRCA
  • 2003: Missy LaBorde, APR, PRAL
  • 2002: Delia Adams Taylor, APR, PRAL
  • 2001: Deirdre McGowan, Ph.D., APR, CAE, PRAM
  • 2000: Sherry Harlow, APR, ECPRO
  • 1999: John Forde, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA, PRAM
  • 1998: Bill Todd, APR, PRCA
  • 1997: Dave Rickey, APR, PRCA
  • 1996: Karla Shackleford Conway, APR, PRCA
  • 1995: Jamie Palmer, APR, PRCA
  • 1994: Rosemary W. Blackmon, APR, PRCA
  • 1993: Bill Michelet, APR, Fellow PRSA, PRAL
  • 1992: Philip Shirley, APR, PRAM
  • 1991: Peri Widener, APR, PRCA