Southern Public Relations Federation

Section 1. The name of the organization shall be the Southern Public Relations Federation, hereafter referred to as the Federation. The Federation is a member of the Universal Accreditation Board which is comprised of a diverse range of public relations professionals representing every segment of the profession and dedicated to the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) program.
Section 2. The Federation shall be incorporated as a non-profit corporation in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation made a part hereof.
Section 3. The Federation is committed to ethical practices and adopted its Code of Ethics in April 2004 from the Public Relations Society of America Member Code of Ethics 2000.
Section 4. All meetings, including the annual business meeting, shall be called by the Board of Directors, hereafter referred to as the Board, with due prior notice to members.
Section 5. The Board shall have the power to approve membership to organizations and members at large.

Section 1. The purpose of the Federation shall be to unite those engaged in the practice of public relations, to promote and seek to maintain high professional standards for public service and conduct, to exchange ideas and experience, and to collect and disseminate information of value to public relations practitioners and the public.

Section 1. Membership in the Federation shall consist of the Emerald Coast Public Relations Organization, Public Relations Association of Louisiana, Public Relations Association of Mississippi, Public Relations Council of Alabama and any other organizations or individuals as elected to the membership by the Board.
Section 2. Individuals may be admitted as associate members upon their election by the Board.
Section 3. The Board shall determine procedures for approval of membership.

Board of Directors
Section 1. The affairs of the Federation shall be managed by a Board, meeting on call of the President or by a majority of the Board. The Board shall consist of the following members.
• In each state which has a statewide Federation organization consisting of more than two chapters within the state, four members shall represent the state organization, and one member shall represent the state as a whole, all chosen as the statewide organization’s membership sees fit.
• In each state which has one or two chapters, two members shall represent each chapter, and one member shall represent the state as a whole, all chosen as the chapter membership sees fit. If two chapters exist in one state, they will collaborate to elect one member to represent the state as a whole.
Section 2. Elected officers of the Federation shall also serve as members of the Board and shall have one vote each.
Section 3. The Board shall serve terms of one year each. A Board member may be elected to successive terms at the discretion of the member organization.
Section 4. At least one Board member representing two of the member states shall be present before any business of the Federation can be conducted. A simple majority vote of those present including duly recognized proxies shall constitute approval of all business.
Section 5. The Immediate Past President of the Federation shall serve as a voting member of the Board for a period of one year.
Section 6. The Past Presidents of the Federation shall serve as part of the Council of Leaders and shall be available to assist the Board and officers in an advisory capacity. The Council of Leaders will be chaired by the Immediate Past President and shall function in an official capacity only when duly charged by the President of the Board. The Board may also grant membership in the Council of Leaders to Southern Public Relations Hall of Fame inductees and other senior professionals.

Section 1. The officers of the Federation shall consist of the President, Past President, President-elect, Vice President Accreditation, Vice President Communication, Vice President Membership, Vice President Professional Development, Vice President Student Services, Secretary and Treasurer in accordance with the Bylaws. The officers of the Federation shall be elected by the Board from among the representatives appointed to the Board by the statewide organizations and chapter memberships as stated in Article IV, Section 1.
Section 2. Officers shall be elected by the Board for a term of one year. A simple majority vote by the Board constitutes election.
Section 3. No member organization may hold more than three offices during the same term unless approved by the Board.

Section 1. The operation of the Federation shall be financed by the participating organizations at a rate to be determined by the Board.

Section 1. All matters not embodied within this Constitution of the Federation may be adopted by the Board, as Bylaws, and shall govern the operation of the Federation.

Section 1. This constitution may be amended by a two thirds vote of the voting members in attendance at any annual meeting or participating in any electronic vote provided that notice and a copy of any proposed amendment has been sent to each voting member at least 15 days before said meeting or electronic vote of the Federation or by a referendum vote.

  • Adopted August 3, 1973

  • First Revision, 1974

  • Second Revision, 1976

  • Third Revision, 1979

  • Fourth Revision, 1984

  • Fifth Revision, 1991

  • Sixth Revision, 1997

  • Seventh Revision, 2001

  • Eighth Revision, 2006

  • Ninth Revision, 2009

  • Tenth Revision, 2011

  • Eleventh Revision, 2015