Welcome to Southern Public Relations Federation

The Southern Public Relations Federation is a network of public relations professionals from Alabama, north Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi who share a common interest in the public relations profession.

SPRF is a 501-c (6) organization and membership in the Federation is automatic for members of the Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA), the Emerald Coast Public Relations Organization (ECPRO), the Public Relations Association of Louisiana (PRAL) and the Public Relations Association of Mississippi (PRAM).

SPRF has more than 1,400 members and continues to grow. SPRF is led by a volunteer board of directors and is considered the premiere networking and professional development organization for public relations professionals in the Gulf South. SPRF sponsors an annual professional development conference that rotates between the member chapters. 

What you see here is a limited front-end of the site available to non-members. Non-members may join the organization at the local level (click on “chapters” button above for a complete list of our chapters). Members have access to much more news, resources and information.