SPRF Holds Team Competition for Students

SPRF BOAST Competition
Best Of All Student Teams

Students just how good are you? You have a chance to show what you know at the SPRF BOAST competition. Teams of four-six may enter. The winner will receive:

-$100 for their team
-A one-of-a-kind plaque
-Boasting rights for a year

The competition will begin on Sunday of the SPRF Annual Conference. Teams will be given a situation to address during Sunday evening and Monday of the conference. The competition will include points for a solid public relations plan; points for networking; points for obtaining hints/suggestions from members of the SPRF Leadership Council; points for attendance at multiple sessions of the conference; points for the best team name.
The winner will be announced at lunch on Tuesday.
Interested schools please register at BOAST.

If you are interested in participating, but don’t have enough students coming from your school to form a team, use the registration page to network with students from other schools. Questions? Feel free to ask! Contact Lisa Darnell, APR at [email protected].