Good Guys tell great stories: unleash the power of storytelling

- Cory Cart, APR

Storytelling builds trust with target audiences and creates emotional bonds between an organization and its intended audience.  This session is designed to showcase proven techniques used to develop successful PR campaigns for national and global brands.  More often than not, PR practitioners complicate the process resulting in fragmented stories, but this session cuts through the clutter and offers a simple process suited for any PR or marketing professional.

In this session, you will discover:

  • The science behind why storytelling works.
  • Where to look so you can uncover stories that matter.
  • Key elements of story and plot structure for successful brand storytelling.
  • When and where to use storytelling to create emotional bonds with target audiences.


You will benefit from hands-on activities that encourage you to dig deep and leave with an outline of your brand’s core story …if not the entire edited story ready to share.