Get Recognized: How to Enter the 2015 Lantern Awards (held May 12, 2015)

Considering entering the Lantern Awards this year? It's a great opportunity for members to have your work recognized and receive feedback that can facilitate continuous improvement. For 2015, SPRF will use a new online-only awards management system that makes it easier than ever for you to enter your outstanding campaigns, projects and tactics. Award-winning entries will still demonstrate how they used PR's four-step process of Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation, and the categories have been updated to remain relevant and beneficial. Presenters were 2015 SPRF Lanterns Chair Tara McCrink-Burcham, with PRAM PRism Chair Lorri Freeman, APR, and Amanda Parker, who used the new system during this year's PRAM PRism Awards. Click here to download the step-by-step slides.

Ready, Set, Go: Getting Ready to Earn Your APR (Held April 16, 2015)

Are you interested in earning the Accredited Public Relations credential, APR? The webinar, Ready, Set, Go: Getting Ready to Earn Your APR, is designed for public relations professionals who want to know more about the process. APR can be achieved at most career stages and under a variety of circumstances. There may never be a perfect time, but as APRs can attest, the process and the outcome are valuable. SPRF leaders Amy Nolan, APR, and Patti Wade, APR, guided participants through the steps necessary to earn the APR. To download the slides, click here.